Welcome to my blog!
I hope it gives you a little bit of joy in your day to day life.

*First off my name is Georgia, I am 14 years old and I was born and currently live in a small country called New Zealand

*I hate being 14 because being independent is something that I've always wanted and not being able to drive myself places really frustrates me... Basically I really want to grow up.

*I was inspired to start a blog through people like Zoella (Zoe Sugg) Naomi Smart, Tanya Burr etc. and I also wanted to extend my youtube channel (

*I enjoy too many things and sometimes that worries me. I love beauty/fashion/makeup, Art/Drawing, Music, Books/Reading, Making Youtube Videos, DIY/Crafting/Design Decor and also Conservation/Saving Planet Earth

*In a few days time I meet conservation hero Jane Goodall and I am shaking with excitement just thinking about it.

*I am a fangirl and am in way too many fandoms (oops)

*I have a love/hate relationship with people 

*I procrastinate... ALOT

*and last but not least i HATE, i mean HATE my school.

I hope you enjoyed this introductory post. Feel free to keep up with me on all my social medias.

Love Georgia,



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Hey I'm Georgia, This is literally the place where everything that lives in the land inside my head turns into words, for you, in turn to read. Weird right! (is that how you spell weird or is it wierd, who knows. To be honest who gives a fuck right)