OWN OCTOBER- Let's talk about Stress baby

I didn't realise I was stressed until yesterday I looked down at my fingernails and saw that they had been completely gnawed down to the skin. Yikes right. With my exams coming up soon everything is getting a little too hectic for my liking.

So today as part of Own October we're going to talk about Owning our Stress.

TIP 1.
Whether it's using a wall planner, diary, cellphone having your day/week/month planned out takes a little bit of the stress away from your crazy busy life

TIP 2.
for me sitting down and writing a blog post is one of the best stress reliefs I could have. It allows me to collate all my thoughts in one place and it gives me a chance sit down and focus on something that isn't my stressful life.

TIP 3.
Going through your day on little to no sleep will in no way help you become any less stressed. So instead of freaking out because you haven't finished your assignment which is due the next day, try finishing it the day before. Also try and get a regular sleep schedule, people recommend getting 8+ hours of sleep, so set a time that you should go to bed every single night and try and stick to it. Soon enough you'll feel the effects and you'll start to feel alot more awake and refreshed in your day, allowing you to get more shit done!

As for the rest of Own October Day 4, I had salmon, spinach, eggs and ricotta on toast for breakfast. Potato & pasta salad, with a bread roll and a cheeky pastry for lunch and then roast veges and spicy cabbage for dinner.

I didn't go for a run today, instead I stood on my feet and worked a 9:45am-3pm shift which a workout in itself. 

Tomorrow I have another shift, but I am going to try my 100% hardest to go for a run,

Hop y'all are having an amazing day/evening/night/morning
See you tomorrow!!

Love Georgia :) xx


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