OWN OCTOBER- I'm going Vegan, kind of.

As I've mentioned a few times, I have been vegetarian for nineish years. But I have never tried being vegan. My sister has been for almost a year, but the thought of being a full time Vegan scares the shit out of me. 

I'm going to be honest I love cheese and chocolate and god damn I love eggs. But I am all about pushing my boundaries, so as of next week I am going to be vegan 3 days a week. Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday are my designated Vegan days. Obviously if a situation arises on one of those days which causes me not to be vegan I will just do another day of veganism.

I am going part time vegan. One of them is to reduce the harm on animals, obviously that's why I went vegetarian, and we do buy free range eggs etc. but I would like to have a little extra input every so often.
The second is to reduce my carbon emissions, being vegan reduces your carbon emissions even more as it reduces the amount of water etc. being put in to produce your dairy products.
The third and final is in the hopes of losing a little bit of weight/belly fat. I am not completely
happy about my body and I would like to become a lot more conscious of the things I'm putting into my body.

Lunch- Wrap with homemade beans from last night, Apple, Banana
Dinner- Spaghetti Pasta, Vegetarian fake "mince"

See you soon,
Georgia :)


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