I made a video a while ago called "LETS GET MOTIVATED" where I made a commitment that by the 1st of November 2015 I am going to enter the Auckland marathon (a running race with a distance of 42.195km... to be exact) I also called upon my viewers to set a goal for themselves and work hard to achieve it just like I would be doing. SO if you haven't seen that video I also challenge you to set yourself a goal and join the goal achieving community! 

I also have a second channel where I upload my training pretty much daily! Unfortunately yesterday my camera broke so I have no clue what i'm going to do! eek.

At this moment in time there is 323 days and 8 hours till the marathon begins. It makes me nervous because I feel like that is no time at all. Already I've managed to sprain an ankle. I also suffer from bad knees and back. I go to the physio and have had acupuncture in my hamstrings. As you can tell I am pretty prone to injuries haha.

Left Ankle (not sprained)
Right Ankle (sprained)
My fitness overall is pretty good I am currently doing an average distance of 4 km at least 5 times a week (although with my recent sprained ankle it's been pushed down to 2-3 times a week)

For keeping this blog updated on the training process i'm planning to post some more interesting things, for example, my running playlist or my training plan etc.

Feel free to comment down below with your goals that you are setting and I will reply back and we can support each other! :) 


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