A Day In The City

Shopping is one of the great things in life.

There’s always something quite satisfying about walking tirelessly for hours and then coming home with a bag of goodies that you swoon over for days on end.

“K Road” a.k.a Karangahape Road is one of Auckland Cities best shopping streets. It’s full of quirky fun shops and Op shops and is just one of the underrated shopping destinations in Auckland.

A day spent with the family is a day spent well and a day spent shopping with the family is even better. I came home with a bag full of treasures and being my first time shopping on K Road there was ALOT.

Shops with cute names like “The Bread and Butter Letter” and “Iko Iko” are just screaming at me to buy things from there!

A country girl spending a day in the city is very overwhelming there were people EVERYWHERE! I couldn't get over 
 it. I probably sound very daft, but I live in a very rural area where my closest neighbour is 100m down the road.

Op Shops are my new found love I got a few goodies from there including a "tshirt" dress and very punk rock jeans some could say.

Stationary was also included in my buys with a gorgeous notebook and a small notepad. 

A small vintage box was my best find only costing me $5 I was very proud and showed off to my whole family.

Three hours later resulted in hungry tummys, Sore feet and hands full of bags.

We walked down the road to try a find a restaurant that catered to my sisters new vegan dietary expedition.

We found nothing so she had to settle for a bowl of very fancy chips.

We made it indoors just as the New Zealand winter rain started to come down. 

It was cosy and had an amazing colour scheme of white walls and bright orange tulips. 

I ended up getting the classic Chocolate Milkshake and an AMAZING mushroom and haloumi burger with the restaurant  that I love!

The rest of the afternoon was spent talking and spending some long overdue family time together which I enjoyed. 

The rain began to clear up giving us the opportunity to head home.

Overall a successful shopping trip and an amazing day with the fam bam.

I did a haul on my youtube channel which also included other shopping trips if you want to see that here is the link 


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