OWN OCTOBER- It's late and I'm tired

It's the third day of Own October and to be frank I'm already finding it hard to write a blog post. But I will persevere for the loyal readers out there!!

Let's talk food. I didn't take any pictures today, because I feel like you already get you daily fix of food pics from Instagram, so every now and then you will be graced with a few pics of my meals over the day. 
My meals basically consisted of spinach, salmon and eggs for breakfast. Tomato Chutney, Spinach and Cheese sandwich for Lunch and finally, potatoes, beans, mushrooms and "chicken" schnitzel for dinner. Simple but effective.

I finally went for a run today!! It was shit because I was incredibly out of shape but it was a run nonetheless.

I worked a 12pm-3pm shift today so that pretty much consumed my day. 12pm is a little to early to get any major projects started and then when I get home around 4pm it's almost to late to do anything except run which sucks. 
Tomorrow I am faced with an even longer shift of 9:45am- 3pm so it's definitely an early start for me tomorrow.

Anyway to make up for my kind of half assed post, here are some pretty photos of this evening, summer is upon us I tell you!! 

See you tomorrow,
Love Georgia :) xx


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