OWN OCTOBER- Hydration is Key

So a big part of Own October for me was looking after my body. Staying hydrated was one way to do that. For a while I was only having half a glass of water a day, which is crazy!! So I set myself the challenge of trying to drink 1.5 L a day.

It's been going pretty well, I've done it almost everyday and I'm starting to reap the benefits. Some of the benefits are things like, better skin, no headaches etc. I mean my skin has been really good. Normally it breaks out really bad when I get my period but this time I only got 1-2 spots. I also normally have a major headache every week or so and I am yet to experience one which is really good!

It's always so satisfying to "break" a habit and be rewarded for it.

Breakfast- Can of Pineapple
Lunch- Sushi, mayo and cheese sandwich, can of pineapple.

Walked 5.5km home

See you all tomorrow,
Georgia :)


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