OWN OCTOBER- Please Witch

So as you probably know I work at a kids clothing store, and in the spirit of Halloween myself and my co-workers got to dress up. I donned my dark lipstick, black clothes and witches hat and called myself a witch. 

I was pretty gutted to be working today though, because I was initially supposed to go volunteering on Motutapu Island. If you live in Auckland I would genuinely recommend you going over to the Island and volunteering, it is such a beautiful place, with lovely people, and just an all round amazing experience.


Anyway I have the day off tomorrow and Tuesday (as others exams are still happening) and I am going to set myself the goal of tidying my room!! 

Breakfast- Toast, Avocado, Cream Cheese (light), poached egg, salmon, cheese, spaghetti
Lunch- Carrot
Dinner- Roast Vege, Croutons, Olives, Feta.

Hope everyone is well,
Georgia :)


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