OWN OCTOBER- I finally started Studying!

So with just under a week till my first exam I finally opened my books for the first time and started revising. Crazy I know. But procrastination is one of my many talents (I should put it on my CV) and I have managed to do everything but study in these two week holidays. 

Mind you it doesn't really do me any good to start studying months before, it all goes in one ear out the other anyway. People have different studying styles, mine just to be cramming. For some absolutely insane reason it works.

Anyway this was my last day of the holidays where I don't have to work, so I made the most of it by never leaving my couch and always having good music playing. 

This photo has nothing to do with today, I just really like it. Plus I miss the beach

I also had some pretty great meals today:
Breakfast- Cranberries
Lunch- Wrap, Wrap with Mozzarella Cheese on top (then grilled in the oven), Shakshuka with kidney beans.
Dinner- Bagels; one half with cream cheese, onion and "chilli mix", the other half with margarine, watties spaghetti and cheese.

A few sit ups lol

See you all tomorrow,
Love Georgia :) xx


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