OWN OCTOBER- I'm going to Europe!!

So today I paid the first deposit for my trip to Europe and I am ecstatic. I CANT EVEN CONTROL MY EMOTIONS RIGHT NOW!!!! I am so excited!! 
This will be my first time going on a plane and going overseas, and I mean going to Paris, Rome and Florence for my first overseas trip isn't too shabby am I right?!

I am going to working my butt off to gather enough money for the next deposit, but I will do whatever it takes to make this trip a reality.

View of Florence

Like WHAATT??!!! I could be here in September next year!!

Lunch- Spinach Wrap, Carrot, Muesli Bar

Dinner- Pita with carrot, spinach, cheese and homemade baked beans

Also just an honourable mention for today I found this collab as I was writing this post, I am a massive fan of Dodie so I am absolutely in love with this. Rusty is also my new found love 

I start school again tomorrow wahh

See you all soon,
Georgia :)

p.s. i'm trying to draw this, i'll keep you updated


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