OWN OCTOBER- It was a Shitty first Day

As you probably know today was my first day back at school. It was stressed filled I can guarantee that.
So my exams are coming up this Wednesday, and I also have my big photography project which I have been working on all year due in 10 days. I am on the home stretch for this year and to be honest I feel like crying a little bit. It has a been a rough year, I started a completely new school and took some pretty full on subject. So I almost feel proud of how much I've achieved this year.

I feel like it is really good for your self esteem to take a second and just look back at everything you've achieved so far. For me it takes off some of that intense pressure, because no matter how stressed and scared you feel, it will always get better. You will never feel like this forever. The sun will eventually come out from behind the clouds, and you will be able to look back at moments of stress and go "hey I actually accomplished something really amazing, I stayed calm and I completed everything I needed to do."

Breakfast- Apple
Afternoon Meal- Cheese and onion toastie and half an chocolate pastry (I had zero time for lunch today, I did make oatmeal though)
Dinner- Butter Chicken (without the chicken)

60 sit ups, 30 leg drops, 10 press ups, 40 squats, 40 lunges.

So I am going to get an EXTRA early night tonight cause I have a pretty crazy day ahead of me.

Wish me all the luck.
See you tomorrow :)


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