OWN OCTOBER- Lavender Incense Baby

I had the smallest amount of stress taken off of me today because I finally managed to print out all my photography photos. That means only one thing, I am not part of the blood bath that will occur tomorrow full of people fighting over the single printer my school owns. Thank the lord!!

I know I have been talking about school and exams a lot recently but it has pretty much been the sole focus of my life. It's getting pretty intense, but I will push on, because that's what people do.

 As a treat I sat down caught up on my YouTube subscriptions and burnt some incredibly calming Lavender Incense. It was a pretty nice reward for my hard work so far. Anyways I managed to get my whole SD card situation sorted which means new pictures for you guys.

Breakfast- Orange
Lunch- Oatmeal and Greek yoghurt
Snack- Piece of cake (because it was my friends birthday)
Dinner- Mashed Potato, beans, broccoli, cheese and, mint sauce

None Son

See you all tomorrow,


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