OWN OCTOBER- The Spinach Edition

Being Vegetarian does mean that I have a lower intake of Iron than a regular meat eater, but I have had a low Iron intake since I was seven so I'm pretty used to it.

I have recently though started to notice a few anemic symptoms, especially as the year has got more stressful. I have been a lot more tired, irritable etc. So I have incorporated a lot more spinach into my diet.
I try and have a handful every meal, but with breakfast it can sometimes be a little harder.

I'm going to do a whole blog post on spinach recipes but I thought today I would share this double whammy that I had for lunch today.

This smoothie is so delicious, if you're freaking out about whether you can taste the spinach or not. You can't don't worry, the berries take on the main flavour and using frozen berries creates and instantly icy summer spinach smoothie.

A really simple to incorporate spinach into my meals is to use these tasty Spinach Wraps. I also like to add a little extra handful inside the wrap for a crunchy bite. I also add a fried egg, some beetroot chutney and a sprinkle of cheese as well for added flavour.

Breakfast- Leftovers from last nights dinner
Lunch- See above
Dinner- Scalloped Potatoes, Beans, Peas, Mint Jelly, "chicken" schnitzel, tomato sauce

Talk to you all tomorrow,
Georgia :)


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