My Christmas Essentials

For me Christmas Fashion is all about taking a risk. I'm not one to normally go for dresses but if you can't wear a white flowy maxi dress at Christmas time, when can you. It's also important for my clothes to be comfortable. This is why I've gone for a lot of singlets and breathable fabrics, these are crucial because in mid/end of December it starts to get alot warmer. Pieces such as my black dress, although long sleeved, has lace arms which allow me to stay cool.

Polka Dot Cropped Top
Black Lace Dress
Gladiator Sandles
Handbag with Gold Detailing
Floral Kimono
Burgundy Cotton Button Up Singlet
Strapless Tail Hem Dress

Again Makeup for me at Christmas is about taking a risk. Try new products and colours. GO WILD! This year I like going for a classic red lip and shimmery eyes. I don't go super dramatic with the eyes but I always have lots of sparkle. This year I am loving taking a gold shadow all over my lid and under my eyes also. SUPER CHISTMASSY!

I'm loving this gold shadow from Kleancolor
Two of my favourite Red LIpsticks

I feel like music is a key element for getting me into the Christmas spirit. Listening to Tony Bennett has been a Christmas tradition since I was a little kid and the Michael Buble album came out last year and I am in love with it! 

Michael Buble Christmas

Tony Bennett Snowfall

These are some new things I've found in the Christmas season. The Revlon Nail Polish (325- Gum Drop) is amazing! It's actually scented and every time my hand nears my nose I just get a floral scent from my nails, it's perfect! 

The Candle Shown is from Ecoya and it's in the scent Fresh Pine Needles. This candle is the perfect Christmas scent. It's slightly sweet but very piney and I love it! Unfortunately it was Limited edition!! NOOOOO

Revlon Nail polish (325- Gum Drop)

Ecoya Candle (Fresh Pine Needles)


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