OWN OCTOBER- First the Worst

So if any of you guys are familiar with daily "vlogger" Ben Brown you will know that last year October he had a running theme of  "OWN OCTOBER" in his October vlogs, so following in one of my favourite youtubers footsteps I have also decided to take on the challenge of Owning October. I'm also going to try (keyword try) my best at doing a daily post for the whole of this month.

Own October to me entails multiple things. It will be me being conscious of what i'm eating, the exercise i'm doing, the way I spend my day and just my overall mood. 
I just want to spend a month truly looking after myself, because I feel as my days have become more stressful the less I've started to care about what i'm eating, when i'm exercising etc.

Being honest today was not the best start I could have ever had to Own October, I spent the whole day trying to get my phone fixed only to learn that it would cost $400 to get it back to it's original state.

Exercise wise I did nothing particularly taxing apart from a shitload of "wandering".

Food wise I had cafe made Eggs Benedict and salmon for breakfast and then a butter chicken pie (even though i'm vegetarian, long story). For dinner I got a little healthier and opted for a salad and the best cider you could ever have (Rekordlig- elderflower *swoons*) 

But Own October is more than just worrying about what you're eating, to me it's about having a "reason" to be inexplicably happy and positive. So to reiterate that, everyday I will create a list of all the positive things that happened (i'm a sucker for a good list):

- I spent the day sitting outside in the sun reading
- I finished my book
- I had some good quality time with my family
-That cider 'nuff said

Feel free to join in on Own October with me (we can motivate each other in the comments)

See you all tomorrow!! 



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