OWN OCTOBER- First came the rain, then the sun

The second day of Own October came with a rainy start. With the rain I took the advantage to sit down and write out some goals I wanted to achieve throughout the day.

These goals included a few things such as;
- drink 1.5L of water (check)
- do some study for exams (check)
- pick a few things up off my bedroom floor (check)
- go for a run (not so much)

As you can tell I am yet to complete any exercise this October, but as one says a healthy lifestyle is 70% healthy eating and 30% exercise.
That's my excuse for now.

For my meals today breakfast consisted of eggs, spinach and sweet and sour leftovers on toast. Also tea because why the hell not.

For lunch I had a delicious wrap (recipe to come), mandarin, banana and a bottle of water.

Dinner was 100% my favourite. Freaking Homemade Pizza. As you can probably tell it is very spare of cheese. Cheese was a staple in all of my meals. So I am trying to wean myself off it by replacing cheese with grated carrot and a shit ton of spinach (it's not the same, but you gotta do what ya gotta do.)

To make up for my weak exercise game i'm off to do a few sit ups, push ups all the usual and then a run tomorrow morning I promise it!!

See you all tomorrow 
Love Georgia :) xx

                        The grey clouds this morning, with a touch of blue sky peaking through.


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