OWN OCTOBER- I was so close

Yesterday there was no word from me, not even a single sign of existence. 

I have no excuse other than I was so freaking tired. I'd done a full day of school and then worked my butt off for 5 hours after that. I also may have had a small panic attack because I had to close up the store for the first time by myself (which is loads of pressure).

I'm working a shit ton this weekend so going to be honest my blogspiration is lacking today (and probably for awhile more) I promise I will take a seat one day and write out a good quality blog post.

Tomorrow I am hopefully going to run the first 22km I have ever done as the half marathon is in a week and I should probably get some practice in. So I am going to seriously try and motivate myself tomorrow morning. Hence why I am getting an early night.

Breakfast- Egg, spinach, cream cheese, salmon
Lunch- Spinach Wrap, Vege samosa, Corn Fritter
Dinner- Potatoes, mushrooms, beans and a creamy sauce 

See you all tomorrow (promise)
Georgia :)


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