OWN OCTOBER- Boy Troubles

I can't really say any names just to kind of keep everything private. But my dear readers, I am having freaking boy troubles. Stupid, I know.

But I need your help. Okay so basically I kept getting all these weird signals from dudes and me being the relationship master I am, cannot tell if they're flirting or just being nice. So I need your help, please comment down below what technically "qualifies" as flirting, because I have no freaking clue.

There is also one other dilemma people. One night after one to many beersies I decided to message a boy, that I thought was cute asking him out on a date. Rookie Mistake I know. I never got a reply so I assume that was a solid no. But he keeps eyeing me up at school so I'm getting pretty mixed signals!


this is an accurate representation of how i'm feeling rn.

Breakfast- Oatmeal, blueberries, lemon curd
Lunch- Wrap, carrot, few cranberries
Dinner- Salmon and Cream Cheese on Toast, Vegetables w/ dressing

See you all tomorrow, where I will be knackered from work (wahh)

Georgia :)


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