OWN OCTOBER- It was the Last day of the Holidays

Today was the last day of the holidays (give me a second while I cry internally), it was a pretty great holiday to be honest, I got in a solid 3 days of complete relaxation, and a small amount of studying. But I am definitely not ready for this holiday to be over. I guess finishing off my second to last year of school and getting ready to go into my last, school is getting a little old.

But I will persevere because a lot of people will never get the opportunity to have a valuable education. So I will make the most of what I am genuinely lucky to have.

As I get into my exams, my posts will be a little bare some days it might even be me listing my foods. But I will 100% try my best.

So to get an early night I will end it here

Breakfast- Muesli Bar 
Lunch- Bagel (spinach, tomato relish, cheese, olives)
Dinner- Chips, salad (spinach, humus, olives, carrots, capsicum)
Snacks- few Nacho chips.

A few squats/ lunges/ sit ups.

See you all tomorrow,
Wish me luck for the first day back


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