OWN OCTOBER- I finally did Exercise!!

Hey so as you can probably tell I haven't done a heck of a lot of exercise this month. I just really haven't been motivated to get out of my room and go for a run (even though my half marathon is in less than a month) but today I finally got out and went for a long run.

So I did an early shift at work this morning and then around 1pm my Dad and I went out to the beach for a surf. The waves were super messy and shitty but it was the first time I had been out in about a month and a half, so it was so refreshing for me to back in my happy place. we got home around 3pm and at 4pm I laced up my shoes and pushed myself out the door and onto the road at a running pace.I did a solid 60min of running and I clocked in about 8-10kms. Which is pretty good for me barely running at all this month. 

I'm pretty sore now and i'm tired as hell. But i'm glad I got there, as my mum always says, "you never regret a run". Which rings true for me 100%.

Breakfast- Bagels, scrambled eggs, spinach, smoked salmon, spaghetti, cheese
Lunch- Bagel, smoked salmon, Spinach, tomato chutney
Dinner- Vegetarian Nachos

I am so ridiculously tired right now, I can not stop yawning. So I will indeed cut this one short.

Hope everyone is having a great night.
See you all tomorrow,
Love Georgia :) xx


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